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Schools are like oil tankers. Do bear with me. They’re like oil tankers because they move forward ever so slowly and take an age to change course. Inertia, you see, is a very powerful force indeed. A million noes preventing a change of direction. Because noes are safe. If in doubt, go without, they say.

A yes, however, is a game-changer. Every yes carries a risk but it also brings with it hopeful promises and potential rewards. Every yes is a new possibility, a different future. A single yes can keep us going in the face of constant refusal and feeds our ingenuity. A yes fosters a sense of belonging to the school that employs us. Just one yes is all it takes.

Every school needs more yeses and fewer noes. So challenge yourself to say yes more often. Change course, say yes.

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  1. 6 years in comprehensive schools in North London mean that I whole-heartedly support your comments. I think this is why ethos and vision is so important in schools and not just something to be added on or another box to tick!

  2. I think you should see the film / read the book ‘yes man!’ – think you would love it José.

    Saying yes all too often sometimes gets me into mischief though…

    • Thanks Suzi. There’s a difference between always saying yes, and just saying yes more often. I advocate the latter. Sometimes noes also help to keep you on the right track!

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